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Fuel oil leak

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Questions about your fuel oil tank

Prior to calling us, we recommend that you answer the following questions. You may also want to inspect your tank.

How old is your tank?

Since the early 1980s, the manufacturing date of every heating oil tank has been indicated on the spec plate. If your tank does not have a spec plate, this may mean that it’s old and should be replaced.

What is your tank made of?

Is it made of steel, fibreglass, or is it double-walled?

Is the supply line buried under a concrete floor?

Heating oil leaks may occur in the supply line that connects the tank to the heating system. For this reason, the supply line should not be installed underground, and if it’s in a high traffic area, it should be protected from accidental damages.

Is your tank outside?

Outdoor tanks have special requirements. We will need to know:

  • If it’s protected from rainfall runoff from the roof
  • Where the supply line is on the tank (on top, underneath or on the side)
  • The thickness of the tank and whether it’s made of steel (mm/gauge, indicated on the spec plate)
  • What kind of base the tank sits on (for example, concrete, asphalt or wood)

Prevent fuel oil leaks

We recommend that you have your heating oil tank inspected every year and watch for signs of damage. Find out how to stay protected by reading our fuel oil leak prevention tips.

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