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Ground water damage and sewer back-up

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Protection against Ground water damage and sewer back-up (excluding flood caused by the overflow of a body of water) (Endorsement 16c) is one of the most important coverages on your home insurance policy. Do you have enough coverage?

How much coverage do you need for ground water damage?

  • How much are the contents of your basement worth? Do you have a home theatre, sound system, furniture, seasonal items or tools in your basement?

If you’re a homeowner, think about the cost of:

  • Restoring damaged walls and floors (drying, disinfecting, cleaning and renovating)

Do you need additional ground water damage coverage?

Simply contact a licensed insurance advisor to make a request.

Examples of situations that can cause water damage

  • Heavy rain could cause municipal sewers to overflow, allowing water to back up into the below-ground pipes that lead to your toilet, shower, laundry tub or floor drain.
  • Your sump pump breaks down, causing water from the retention tank to overflow and damage items in your basement.
  • Tree roots can block up your subsoil drainage pipe and cause water to seep through the foundation.
  • Heavy rain can leave pockets of ground water that then flow through the windows into your basement.

Tips on preventing water damage

  • Repair cracks in your foundation
  • Direct gutter runoff away from the house
  • Be sure that the ground around the foundation slopes away from the house so water can't accumulate
  • Make sure your basement's plumbing includes:
    • one or more check valves
    • a sump pit pump to remove water that accumulates in the sump tank

Other tips for preventing water damage

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Discover our coverage Water damage – ground water and sewer back-up in the additional home insurance coverage.

Also ask about our Flood insurance coverage.

For more information on how to protect your home, speak with a Desjardins Insurance prevention advisor. Call By phone:1-800-463-5950.


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