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Thousands of properties are damaged by water every year. Install one of these prevention systems and save on your home insurance with Desjardins Insurance.

Leak detectors connected to a central monitoring system

Used to limit damage from plumbing fixtures and appliances

  • These detectors are installed next to fixtures and appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, toilets and sinks.
  • In the event of a leak, they send a signal to the central alarm monitoring station.

Save 5% on your home insurance (To qualify, must have at least five detectors that connect to a monitoring station)

Where you can get them: Normally available from alarm companies

Pneumatic backflow system

Used to prevent water damage caused by sewer backup

  • This is a smart valve consisting of a balloon with water sensors.
  • In case of a sewer backup, the balloon inflates to block water coming into the pipe in less than 15 seconds.

Save 10% on the ground water damage coverage (Endorsement 16c) portion of your home insurance policy

Where you can get one: From a licensed plumber

Certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations may apply. The anti-leak system with automatic water main shutoff must be purchased from HydroSolution. This offer may be modified or terminated without notice. For Quebec residents only. Desjardins Insurance cannot be held liable for any damage that may result from the installation or malfunctioning of any product referred to herein.

This information and advice is provided for informational purposes only. Desjardins Insurance shall not be liable for any damages arising from any detrimental reliance upon such information or advice. Desjardins Insurance recommends consulting an expert with respect to the proper use and installation of any products referred to herein. It is also recommended that you always consult the owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines with respect to the use and installation of such products.

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