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Tenants insurance

Now you can buy your tenant insurance directly online!

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Bundle your car and tenant insurance and save!

Whether you're renting an apartment, condo or house, tenant insurance is a must. Bundle your car insurance with your tenant insurance, and save more for the things that really matter. You can even insure your apartment online!

Multi-Line advantage

Save up to 5% when you also insure your car with Desjardins Insurance. Plus, pay only one deductible (the highest), if an incident damages both your apartment and your car.

Claims-Free savings

Save up to 20% if you are claims-free.

Cover your liability and your valuables

Did you know that your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your contents? Insure your belongings and your liability with Desjardins tenant insurance.

Tenants liability coverage

Liability coverage for tenants protects you if you’re legally responsible for accidentally injuring others or damaging their property.

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When you might need tenant liability insurance:

Water damage

Your bathtub overflows and damages the apartment below.

Damage to premises you do not own

You rent a chalet for a ski weekend. You overload the woodstove before going to bed and it causes fire. The damage from fire is substantial and the owner of the chalet decides to claim for it.

All-risk insurance

As time goes by, you’re likely to have more and more personal possessions. With all-risk insurance, you can protect your personal property against most accidents like fire, theft, vandalism and certain types of water damage.

Imagine being forced out of your apartment because of a loss. Would you be able to afford to live elsewhere while repairs were being made? Thankfully, your tenant insurance would cover your additional living costs.

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When you might need all-risk insurance:

Damaged furniture

Your husband drops a can of paint on your new couch and you need to replace it.


You lose all your furniture and clothing in a building fire and need to find somewhere else to stay.

Get Desjardins Identity Theft Assistance free

A team of experts is available to support you if someone steals your identity. This service is automatically included in your property insurance.

  • The information provided on this page is meant for informational purposes only. Full details regarding coverage and exclusions can be found in the home insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. Online insurance purchase is available subject to our underwriting policies. Limitations and exclusions apply.

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