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Your insurance documents are just a few clicks away

Context: This is an animated video letting Desjardins Insurance clients know that they can complete different tasks related to their insurance file using Online Services. Throughout the video, a narrator reads the audio content.

On-screen action: An automobile insurance policyhoder’s Online Services interface is on a screen, with their name and address, along with the option “Details”, “Change”, and “Claim”. A hand appears and clicks the “Change” option. The page scrolls down and you see a home insurance policyholder’s interface, as well as the option “Stimulate an automobile transaction”.

Access your home and auto insurance files online! Download, view, and print your insurance policies or make a change of address.

On-screen action: A house icon appears. A dotted-line with an arrow connects it to a second house.

On-screen text: Change your address.

On-screen action: A vehicle icon moves across the screen.

You can also choose another payment option and update your credit card information.

On-screen action: A couple sits in front of a laptop computer.

On-screen text: Online Services. Secure. Fast. Easy to use. Desjardins Insurance logo.

You can see, download and print your insurance policies, in addition to changing your method of payment to one of the following:

  • Pre-authorized monthly payments
  • Credit card
  • Bonusdollars
  • Cheque
  • Online payment

Other Online Services

File an insurance claims
Modify your insurance file
Compare premiums for different vehicles

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