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Calculate auto insurance premiums for several cars

Context: This is an animated video letting Desjardins Insurance clients know that they can compare premiums for different vehicles using Online Services. Throughout the video, a narrator reads the audio content.

On-screen text: An insurance shopping tool.

Wondering how much you’ll pay to insure your next vehicle?

On-screen action: Three cars appear. One moves forward to the center of the screen and has two dollars signs above it. Another car takes its place in the center and has three dollars signs above it. The third car moves to the center and has one dollar sign above it.

With our insurance shopping tool, you can compare insurance premiums on several vehicles at once.

On-screen action: A green circle with a white checkmark appears in front of the least expensive car.

Once you’ve purchased a new vehicle, you can add it straight to your insurance policy.

On-screen action: The green circle shrinks and moves beside the on-screen text “Your car is added”. An Online Services interface screen appears below the text. The on-screen text reads: “2014 Ford - Focus”.

On-screen text: The quickest route to great advantages. Online Services. Secure. Fast. Easy to use. Desjardins Insurance logo.

Thanks to our new simulation tool, you can quickly compare premiums for the different vehicles you’re thinking of purchasing.

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