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Make changes to your auto insurance policy

Context: This is an animated video with information for Desjardins Insurance client on the kinds of changes they can make to their insurance file using Online Services. Throughout the video, a narrator reads the audio content.

On-screen action: A car icon drives across the screen.

Want to add a driver or vehicle to your insurance policy,

On-screen action: A woman’s face appears above the car. Next, a plus sign appears beside it, followed by a man’s face and boy’s face.

or notify us that you’ll be putting your vehicle in storage?

On-screen action: The heads disappear. An icon of a man covers the car with a grey car cover.


On-screen action: The car disappears and a laptop computer appears in front of the man. There is a cup of coffee icon to his left and a dog icon on his right.

Use our Online Services to make changes to your file when you’re available.

On-screen text: Online Services. Secure. Fast. Easy to use. Desjardins Insurance logo.

With this service you can:

  • Add a vehicle
  • Add a driver
  • Add a vehicle and a driver
  • Replace your vehicle
  • Store your vehicle

Other Online Services

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File an insurance claims
Compare premiums for different vehicles

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