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Motorcycle insurance

Get a motorbike insurance quote from Desjardins Insurance and get the coverage you need.

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Insure your motorcycle with Desjardins

Get coverage that fits your life, and ride the road knowing you’re well protected.

Desjardins motorcycle insurance comes with all the essential coverage you need. You can insure your bike with us, whether or not you have car insurance.

Essential coverage

You need this coverage to legally ride your motorcycle on Quebec’s roads. Essential coverage is always included in your Desjardins motorcycle insurance policy.

Civil liability

This covers you if you’re involved in an accident that damages someone else’s property. You’re also protected if you cause an injury that’s not covered by the SAAQ.

By law, you need to be insured for a minimum of $50,000, but we recommend you have at least $1 million in liability coverage. It doesn’t cost much more, and you get peace of mind knowing you have enough insurance to cover most situations.

Standard coverage options

Many people choose options that cover damage to their motorcycle. Also, if you’ve leased or financed your bike, the leasing or financing company will ask for proof that this coverage is on your policy.

Collision and upset

Covers damage to your motorbike if you’re at fault in an accident with another vehicle or if you have a collision with a person, animal or object. You’re also covered if your bike is damaged in a rollover accident.

All perils other than collision or upset

This covers your motorbike against loss or damage caused by events like fire, theft or vandalism.

More options for extra peace of mind

Value Plus OptionTM

Whether your motorbike is new or used, protect it against depreciation for up to 5 years.

If your bike is stolen and not recovered or declared a total loss, you'll receive compensation equivalent to the price you paid, plus annual indexing.

If your bike is damaged in an accident, we’ll repair or replace the damaged parts with new ones, with no deduction for depreciation.

Travel costs

Don’t get stranded if your motorbike is stolen or isn’t roadworthy after an accident. This protection covers your transportation replacement costs while your bike is being repaired.

And if you’re away from home, this coverage includes additional costs like:

  • meals
  • transportation
  • accommodation

Insure all your vehicles with us and save

Multi-vehicle savings

Save on your motorcycle insurance1 :

  • 10% if you also insure your car with us
  • 10% if you insure more than one recreational or leisure vehicle with us


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The information provided on this page is meant for informational purposes only. Full details regarding coverage and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.

TM Value Plus Option is a trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc.

1. This discount applies to the following recreational vehicles: motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, mopeds, motor homes, house trailers, camping trailers, truck campers and road trailers.

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