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Preventing fuel oil leak

Did you know that residential tanks account for almost 40% of accidental fuel oil spills? Fuel oil is a major fire risk and can cause serious environmental damage. It can contaminate the soil, the water table and drinking water.

Have your tank checked every year

To avoid a fuel oil leak or spill, we recommend that you have your heating oil tank inspected by a licensed specialist every year. To avoid major problems, ask your fuel provider about their inspection programs.

Check your tank for:

  • dents
  • pinched lines
  • connectors in poor condition
  • damaged oil level indicator
  • cracked welds
  • damaged support base
  • rust, seepage, damp areas or odours

If your tank shows any of these warning signs, replace it as soon as possible.

Do you have enough coverage?

Your Desjardins Insurance home insurance covers most types of damage. However, you can add Escape of Fuel Oil coverage (Endorsement 46b and c) to your insurance policy for coverage against this specific type of damage.

In case of a loss

In the event of a fuel oil leak, call a claims advisor to determine what needs to be done and start the claims process.

Finally, remember that an inventory of your belongings can be very helpful. Take the time to make this list so that in the event of a claim you're prepared.


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